exploring performance

thougths on a large-scale performance on possession

At a country estate by the end of summer, a group of people leave the daily comforts of their domestic realm and explore the surrounding grounds to possess them.
The event unfolds across twenty-seven consecutive days following a script that articulates this whole period.

Their daily life indoors
Realisation of the outside
Focus on the first couple and sowing
Focus on the second couple and building of a microcosm
A script is divided in five sections each covering five days, plus a final section for two days. The events in each section develop exponentially from the previous ones, reaching and sustaining climax in the final section.
The script borrows from seven different disciplines — performance, prose and poetry, architecture and land art, music, sculpture, video and painting — to define the sequence of events on an hourly basis.

The various disciplines and events should be prescribed and employed following a single basic principle of shaping reality further and enhancing it.
Possess must be a world where everything is furthered. Where every person becomes a character, every word a poem, every voice an instrument, every wall a soil. The rule of this growth is richness — its direction possession — its way is climactic — its fruit a world in the image of possession.
Possess must be a fully multidisciplinary work, seeking to reach the full potential of performance to include every artistic discipline and challenge reality.
The performance should be closed-door. Its rich documentary material must be made freely available through a dedicated archive.