designing JENER — a data-driven generator applying generative methodologies to specially produced audio-visual, textual and geographical material

Jener will be both:
This generator’s training set will work as KONSCHT MASCHINN’s archive, collecting and organising through linking and tags all documentary material from our projects. This archival version will be free and accessible to all. The archive will comprise a vast kind of informative material from our productions, including visual and audio material, text, characters data, participants data, time and location data.
Jener will enable users to edit, generate and sequence the archive material — users will be able to pick various material from our archive and sequence its generations to create new real settings. The feeding codes are designed to be the coding equivalent of KONSCHT MASCHINN’s theory.

Why an archiving-sequencing software
for generative art?

Accessibility is intrinsic to artistic creation. Art making, no matter how ambitious, always happens in context, which the work needs to be open to. Creating something also means making it inclusive and receptive.

This is why accessibility must accompany creation already starting from conception and developed as a proper field of action parallel to the making of the work itself. We believe indirect engagement with an artwork — learning in depth about it through documentation independently from direct, physical contact with the work — needs to be given more focus. Both the artwork and the public will benefit: the artwork from a long yearned for independence, the public from a much more dynamic, levelled and flexible way of relating to the artwork — more in line with the timing of today’s rhythm and pace of constant information — paving the way for a more serious, direct involvement.
From this belief, first ideas for Jener started coming to mind.

We’re currently looking at two to three years of development for the first prototype. The end goal is a proof-tested method to consistently organise and share more monitored and complete information, both about the content and about the creative context and compositional dynamics of our works.