this interlude is a performance of extracts from Richard Strauss’ 1905 ground-breaking opera Salome, conceived by to be realised in Luxembourg and in Switzerland.
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Excerpts from the opera’s key scenes are rearranged for a cappella soprano solo in the title role to create a climactic score of 25-30 minutes in duration. This interlude presents Salome’s story as lived through her own thoughts only, like in a nightmare or a vision.

Articulating life through her desire’s climax

the newly arranged Salome will be performed in public once a day, five consecutive days at dusk, accompanying and marking the shift of day into night.
The climax intrinsic to the score and the varying intensity of interpretation across the days are meant to awaken a to-be-found-again value in this ancestral moment of transition within daily activities.
Sound amplifiers placed all around the area surrounding the venue will gradually carry Salome’s chants across an environment where people commute as evening comes. Similar to church bells, the performance will articulate time, call people to gather, to meditate, and pause for aesthetic experiencing.
The moveable stage hosting the singer is an object, an artwork itself, a monument, inspired in its shape by a brain and a seed closing and opening — like Salome’s mind. Defining a space at the same time narrow and vast for the performer, the layout highlights the importance of precision in the interplay of musical and physical delivery.
Through the set frames, graphic light projections will be directed out at the environment as the score unfolds and the performance develops, allowing eye contact between the daily commuters engaged by the playbacks and the actual performance, suggesting a whole world around Salome’s expressions.
location, time and production details tba

INTERLUDE is a format for public performances taking place within the MONUMENT.

The MONUMENT is a moveable set designed for public spaces, as a city square, the top of a building, or a green field, serving as a pedestal and ‘focal plane’ for a performative action which takes place within it. 

The action is commented visually by wide-range projections originating from the MONUMENT’s edges, and spread around the space through wireless speakers. The action is live streamed on

This MONUMENT hosts, centers and explains actions



Both music and staging have been designed to present a character that lets her world resonate with themes of desire and passion.
We chose Salome as she suits a climactic realisation to perfection. Her first words are the evidence of her desire, later pronounced and transcended in her final moments. Placing a real emotional event in a public space, INTERLUDE experiments with the artistic potential of directly embracing what is outside of the work’s immediate reality through climax.

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