is a not-for-profit art-driven institution of pan-European inspiration registered and based in Luxembourg (RCS N° F17785), founded by Olivia Schuler-Voith, Clemente Ciarrocca and Katharina Ottmann as Konscht Maschinn A.s.b.l. in April 2018.

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THIS WEB PLATFORM IS IN CONSTANT EVOLUTION. Sometimes we like to be minimal, sometimes we don’t.

On our website we occasionally use links to freely reference third-party projects, images, excerpts from literary works, and more. By doing so we don’t claim any paternity on these sources, which are purely inspirational to us. We are hugely grateful to the artists and sources we respect and reference to allow for their material to be widely accessible online, and feel proud to contribute in spreading their influence.

We also love to be inspired by material we came across randomly or obscurely, and we would like to point out we don’t claim any paternity on those secret sources of inspiration either.

In composing its texts, borrows extensively from the contemporary discourse, both terminologically and expressively. A “text is a tissue of quotations,” drawn from “innumerable centres of culture,” rather than from one, individual experience. To understand why that is, we suggest you read this in case you still had not come across it.

Photos from the Sans Fer theory pages were taken by our friend Kate Bellm. Huge thanks to our daring friends Margherita, Olympia and Maximiliana.

Many thanks to our dear friend Theresa for waiting, waiting and waiting on our homepage.